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Jeromy Smith

My personal story with my sisters mother in law.

Jeromy Smith's Bio:

After seeing how my sister's mother-in-law and father-in-law were taking poles while I watched them, it was my turn to give him cock over and over in front of her cuckold husband. He called me by text message advising me that he wanted me to go to the house to be blown up in the same chair where the husband had given him a dick a week before. When I arrived, he took my hand and kissed me, he took me desperately to the couch, the male looked at us sitting and jerking off, I asked his permission and I began to eat his lady's huge and mature tits, at that desperate height he noticed it because eat it all, and she eat my cock. I stopped and she was licking my balls and the dick without stopping, a lady noticed her with her mouth very adept at hard and thick cocks, she ate it over and over again, she spat it out like never before and ate it, she stared at me. face and did not stop licking. Then I took her face and took her mouth, so hard that the old whore drowned, she spat on the floor and licked it, she managed to make it hard for me. Seeing her wishing for the key, I put her in four on her own chair pointing that fat ass at her husband, I ate it like a desperate and I put the super hard cock in that giant hole. She pumped over and over again, crashing my eggs into that mature shell, the fox loved the power and hardness with which she was giving him, whipped each of her buttocks and nailed her again in front of her husband to his mistress . -suegra- As you like this huge ass asshole, it shows a lot as you wanted from that day where you saw me what I am capable of -I- Old bitch, you made it really hard for me, you deserve this cock and this rhythm, you are very enduring fucking bitch. -Cornudo- You can't imagine how good those eggs bouncing against my wife, a fast-paced asshole, looks. From the beginning we were all sweaty, I licked the old woman's forehead and she licked me, it was a dirty and perverse powder, the smells mixed and heated anyone. I sat in the armchair of pleasure and asked her to ride me, to move that giant that had her husband with my cock inside, she did it with so much desire and passion that it made me get orgasms of pleasure and she still but with power and hot, he kneaded her tits, he beat them, she screamed and asked me to make her his, his asshole and his female exploding with pleasure. -in-mother-in-law tighten my breasts tightly, make me your wife, your female, this giant ass is not for everyone …… -I- what a great lady, he has a great ass, he moves it like a professional, who must attend to the cuckold. -Suegro- The truth that that ass gives me a lot of pleasure, it takes all the milk like you do right now, son of a bitch, you take it so well ... ... Open in the armchair, I took her like never before, while I squeezed her tits, and licked them, the male watched and kept jerking off thanking him for how well he treated her mistress. She asked me more and more to put the cock, my balls exploded, they wanted to fill that fat and mature shell with my thick and hot milk. It was so that I could not resist the temptation to fill her mature uterus with my thick milk, beginning to discharge over and over jets of milk, she moaning like never caring nothing, I staring at her as if thanking her for receiving my milk so well inside her We burst together with pleasure, the young and the mature in a resistant powder. -In-law- oh my god how do you fill me, I never imagined feeling this for a young male, I love your milk and your body… .. -I- You make me love you old bitch, I never got milk so well with a shell !!!! -suegro- I can only congratulate and thank the great service you gave to my lady, you really made yours. After hugging, kissing and thanking us, we bathed together where I suck her and made it end again on her tits, and then get dressed and I return to the daily routine of my life, but knowing that that fat ass would wait for me again. Hd Porn hd | Incest Porn - incest | Downblouse Videos - downblouse | Milf Porn - milf | Teen Porn - teen | Mom Son Porn - mom son | | Drother Sister Sex - brother sister sex | Spankbang - spankbang | Family Porn - family | Transgender Porn - transgender | TubeGalore - tubegalore | Milf69 - | HotGuysFuck - hotguysfuck | SexMex - sexmex
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